Our team offers a multitude of services touching all facets of building painting. Small or large works, interior or exterior, we always deploy the same intensity to satisfy your needs. The majority of our work is “turnkey”. However, you can still request our services for a part of your project. Whether for work at heights or at floor level, we use safe methods, state-of-the-art equipment and top quality materials. Our proven techniques are part of an ongoing process of learning and technological change. All our work is top quality and supported by our guarantee of satisfaction. Peinture Primo Expert mainly offers services of:  


With Peinture Primo Expert, you can always count on a trusted team that will give an “unparalleled” look to all your painting projects.


It is time for you to undertake interior painting. Our team adapts to different situations to perform efficient and quality work. Our paint experts take care of moving your furniture and covering it thoroughly before painting begins. We also carry out repairs of plaster, sanding and the application of caulking.Our experts apply the paint efficiently and precisely. When the work is finished, everything is put back into place so that all there is left is to appreciate the results.


Specialized in exterior painting, we guarantee the quality of our work. Each project begins with a rigorous preparation process that is essential to the long lasting success of an outdoor project (pressure washing, scraping, sanding, caulking, repairing cracks, replacing rotting wood and missing pieces, etc.).Exterior projects require particular attention to details and a skilled workforce. Whatever the type of outside wall covering of your home (wood, brick, aluminum, vinyl, stucco, concrete…) we have the product and the process that will give it the expected new look for many years.


Looking for a commercial painter? You can rely on our experts to take charge of your project and deliver the highest quality work on time.With many years of experience in the field of commercial painting, our team will give your premises a new look while minimizing downtime.Whether it is by spray paint, brush or roller, the quality of our work is always on hand. We make it a point of honoring our commitments, finishing on schedule, maintaining a clean premise and satisfying our customers.Quality has a name: “PEINTURE PRIMO EXPERT”


Our team has developed a great expertise in metal roof painting. Whether it is steel, galvanized or aluminum sheets, our knowledge and experience in this area ensures you a first-class restoration.The quality of our work is supported by the following steps: Deoxidation, pressure wash, seal holes and slots, screw the loose sheets, apply a top-quality primerThe highly efficient anti-corrosion paint that we use has proven its worth for many years. The expertise of our team in this area, coupled with the use of specialized equipment and safe working methods, results in a top-quality refurbishment of your metal roofing.


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Peinture Primo Expert is a company founded on the desire to bring you superior craftsmanship and customer service.  

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With the goal of developing long-term relationships with its customers, Peinture Primo Expert invests a great deal of effort to satisfy the expectations of its customers through personalized advice and the synergy of a team of experts in the field.Together, we always find the most advantageous solution to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, at the right cost. That is why our customers keep referring us.  

"Our highly competitive prices are accompanied by a guarantee of satisfaction. Our quality control during the work and the special attention paid to the needs of our customers has earned us a stellar reputation. Having many years of experience in the trade, our team is made up of qualified and competent personnel, holding the CCQ cards.  One of the strengths of Peinture Primo Expert lies in the high rate of reference from our customers. Peinture Primo Expert is recognized as the entrepreneur by excellence in the region. With Peinture Primo Expert, you can always count on a trusted team that will give an “unparalleled” look to all your painting projects."