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Peinture Primo Expert is a company founded on the desire to bring you superior craftsmanship and customer service.  

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With the goal of developing long-term relationships with its customers, Peinture Primo Expert invests a great deal of effort to satisfy the expectations of its customers through personalized advice and the synergy of a team of experts in the field.Together, we always find the most advantageous solution to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, at the right cost. That is why our customers keep referring us.  

"Our highly competitive prices are accompanied by a guarantee of satisfaction. Our quality control during the work and the special attention paid to the needs of our customers has earned us a stellar reputation. Having many years of experience in the trade, our team is made up of qualified and competent personnel, holding the CCQ cards.  One of the strengths of Peinture Primo Expert lies in the high rate of reference from our customers. Peinture Primo Expert is recognized as the entrepreneur by excellence in the region. With Peinture Primo Expert, you can always count on a trusted team that will give an “unparalleled” look to all your painting projects."